Farmers Market?

So I have been considering getting a stand at the Farmers Market in Cville this Fall.  But my dilemma is 1)Will it be worth the $5 (possibly more if I rent a tent) and 2) What to make??? I have a bunch of cowls, scarfs and earrings but I am feeling the need to expand.  So here are a couple thoughts:

A Market bag:

I love this tote, I have made one before.  It is from the Purlbee.  They have so many great ideas!  I think I could spend hours milling around that site.

My second idea was a make-up remover:

I made myself one and it works great.  It’s basically like using a cotton square that you would by a big package of but it’s reusable!  I think I will make myself a few more and then some extras for selling.  Thoughts? Will it sell? Would you buy one or two? 🙂

My last idea was pot holders, but not just any potholders:

First off I love the colors that these are done in, I also love the shape, it’s what I call funky retro 🙂 I’m pretty sure my grandma had some like these, which makes them pretty amazing in my book.

Well with all these new ideas I better get my crocheting butt in gear!


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