Who Crochet’s a rug?

Oh me…not just a small rug…oh no I am working on an area rug. Why you might ask? Well I can’t find one I like…well that I can afford! Yarn can be expensive, and with two little ones I didn’t want anything too fancy on my floor so I caved. And I bought acrylic not so fancy yarn. But my thinking is that it will probably get beat up anyways and I would weep if I spent precious money on beautiful expensive “alpaca wool” yarn only for it to be peed on, spit up on, juice spilled on, picked at and pulled on. So I am compromising…ha! But yet I am still making it. I always think of those signs that say “well yes you could make this but will you?” I am obviously that person that would…silly me.

So what I have wanted is a round/oval rug to go in the living room. But all the rugs I find are either too expensive, ugly or just not the right colors. So here is what I have started:


By the time I have this finished the girls may be in high school….ha! The pattern I am using is at the purlbee  but again…I am not using the fancy yarn, although I would LOVE to. And someday I will….someday….


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